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Thursday, 7 June 2018

Police Report - May 2018

This months report from the local Community Policing Team:

Antisocial behaviour, Violence and Disorder:
The Antisocial Behaviour calls within area relate primarily to the inconsiderate use of our open spaces and parks during the better weather recently, we would not only urge everyone to use them responsibly clearing up after themselves and showing consideration for local residents but that the local residents remind themselves that the areas are for everyone to use and enjoy.

Other calls of an antisocial nature relate primarily to the use off-road motor cycles, Operation Armour our divisional response relies heavily on community intelligence if you see something let us know.

There has been 1 minor assault which was detected. There were 2 instances of vandalism reported, both where the sides of vehicles were scratched in the Morningside Road area these are currently undetected but enquiries are continuing.

Acquisitive Crime:
There have been 3 housebreakings with intent to steal where shed locks were overcome but nothing taken enquiries are ongoing and one housebreaking to a garage as part of a series in the Cults area this are likely to be detected shortly.

Road Safety & Road Crime:
In response to your requests Officers will be taking a robust approach balancing education with enforcement to ensure the relatively small minority who are responsible for committing offences and antisocial behaviour with vehicles are held accountable for their actions. We will be working with partners and making use of antisocial behaviour legislation. Residents in the areas affected by antisocial driving are encouraged to contact Police on 101 at the time to report incidents in order for us to take positive action. 

We will continue to address local speeding issues and support our local schools in ensuring the safety of YOUR children with operations around our local Primary's to educate irresponsible and selfish parents, in addition to deterring inappropriate driving on Craigton Road officers conducting the checks in this area came across a vehicle without insurance.

We would also remind some of our Adults that whilst for them riding a cycle on the pavement is not allowed for children doing their paper rounds it is OK.

Community Engagement & Reassurance
Following on from uur LOCK YOUR DOORS message last month you may have seen an article in the local paper in which we attended addresses in YOUR area and checked House and Car doors, we found over 25% of them to be insecure this is a significant number (if you have locked your doors one of your neighbours has not). We hope we can count on your assistance in getting the message out for people in your street to LOCK YOUR DOORS.

We want to address ALL the local issues, but rightly need to place a significant emphasis and resources on acquisitive crime. The majority of those stealing from us don’t live in our area, so if in the middle of the night you think something just isn't right, trust your judgement and give us a call right away, either as an emergency on 999 or to the Service Centre on 101.

Over the last month there have been instances of both attempted and successful VISHING frauds within the CPT area. Remember no matter how plausible the "security alert on your account" it may seem or convincing "the police officer/bank manager/security expert" may be, YOUR BANK WILL NEVER CONTACT YOU OVER THE PHONE AND ASK YOU TO TRANSFER MONEY BETWEEN ACCOUNTS.

Please look here and ensure your senior or perhaps less tech savvy community members are aware:

The importance of the relationship between you the Community Council and us your CPT in preventing crime cannot be underestimated, you are an integral part of our community and as such have access to information and opinions not open or readily accessible to us. You can help us in being able to take local action on behalf of local people. We will continue to feed back to you at the Community Council meetings regarding the specific points you have raised. Should you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact us.

National Campaigns
Door step crime increases with the lighter nights this time of year, often in the guise of Bogus workmen. They pray on the elderly and other vulnerable groups in our community. Please take a moment to have a look and pass the message on to anyone you think could be at risk:

If someone you know is suddenly getting work done in their property that they have never mentioned, ask them about it, if it seems suspicious contact either ourselves or our partners within Aberdeen City Council Trading Standards:

Want to know more about how we measure up, this is where to find out.

Follow us on Twitter @NorthEPolice #WestEndCPT

Also available are the three following contact email addresses for the West End:

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